The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas


THUGSo this books is about a young woman called Starr who witnesses her unarmed friend being shot by a police officer. It’s a stark and realistic novel exploring the reality of poorer black neighbourhoods in the US and the way they are policed. A brilliant and harrowing book with a character who you see have to grow up fast and make hard adult choices too soon and before your eyes. It has been a massive success and has been commissioned to have a movie made out of it which I imagine will also be a success. It’s kind of deep and sad that 14 year olds plus will need to read this book. 50 years after the death of Martin Luther King  we are still dealing with anti black policing and prejudice in the USA and other countries around the world – but this is our reality and this book is an excellent way into the politics for woke young adults of all ethnicities to read. Here’s hoping this next generation have more success moving things forward watching those children #marchforourlives I hope so…


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