A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

A Monster Calls.jpg

Now this book gets a special mention as it even though it does not feature a diverse lead character I just want to celebrate this book for a moment as we all know that the point is that we should be able to read books about and written by ALL types of children. 

So this book is about a little boy whose mother is dying of cancer and the Oak tree in his garden wakes him up one night to tell him 3 stories and then to hear 1 story from the boy. This book is deep. I can’t say more as it is a short novel and I mustn’t spoil it for anyone. I sobbed at the end. But I was wiser and had learnt a truth as well. I think this book is wonderful and I hope that young adults encounter it before they encounter anything traumatic in their lives as it may offer a small piece of wisdom to help. Maybe…


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