African Musical Instruments

Natalie Cooper

So you just never know who you work with!! Working on this blog has connected me to so many interesting people! The first to mention is Natalie Cooper @thejewelledcrown who sent an email around our place of work saying that she has a book of African patterns that you can colour in – adults or children. I emailed back straight away and asked to meet her for a coffee!! And discovered this wonderful young woman who is a graphic designer, illustrator and facilitator of creative projects with young people. She has designed, written and published a book for children which features detailed information on the range of musical instruments that exist across Africa. ‘African Musical Instruments’ is a wonderful book starting with a map of Africa and the different countries that exist there and moving on to images of each of the instruments accompanied but a range of information about that instrument…so much specific and beautiful information presented in a really clear and friendly manner. Great for young primary school children upwards. Natalie spoke about how she uses the book as the basis of a range of workshops she delivers with young people exploring the origins and uses of these instruments.

 And then she kept going and created a colouring in book that features African textile patterns that you colour in yourself a wonderful resource as we all know how rich and exciting these patterns are. Now I have not got into this whole mindfulness/colouring in movement (too busy!!..yes I know that’s the point!) but i see that for anyone who is interested in this it would be a lovely addition to their collection as its suitable for adults as well as children! And may get me started (after a trip to Tiger to pick up supplies!
Check our her work at where you can buy the books as well as musical instruments which Natalie has sourced directly from crafts people in countries across Africa.

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